An Afternoon in Nanton

Exploring, that’s another resolution to add to my list. I want to see more of the province that I call home. But I also want to visit the provinces on either side. There’s beauty in the mountains, the plains, the valleys and the oceans. I want to see it all and I definitely want to be near that ocean.

 On Monday, R and I decided to do some exploring about an hour just outside Calgary. After grabbing a late lunch, we left Calgary and headed down south to the town of Nanton. Hello candy store and antique shops!
Antique AntiqueAntique
We did a quick tour of the first antique shop, there were some pretty interesting finds. Although, some of it was just an older version of what we have now. I saw an old scotch tape holder, so not antique or vintage. But there was some pretty sweet stuff to be found. Especially the old cameras, those were very cool. After the first antique store we headed to the even cooler and much more exciting candy store!

Candy CandyCandy
^^So much candy. Almost everything you could think of.

Candy CandyCandy
It brings out the child in you, to walk into a shop filled wall to wall, floor to ceiling, with candy. It’s kind of magical in a way. It makes you forget about all the burdens and worries of being an adult and brings you back to the carefree days of being a kid. I am a fan, add that to the list.

Nanton NantonNanton Nanton
Walking along Main Street, I felt like I had just stepped into an old time country western film. I don’t think it’s a western town, but correct me if I’m wrong. The town had a great vibe to it and the people were especially friendly. Hello cute guy at the candy store! Many of them suggested we come back in the summer and I feel like I could definitely spend a day checking out the smaller, less known towns of Alberta.

^^They have these little maps inside each window of the shops that we passed. It would be hard to get lost in such a small town, but it’s nice to know where you are in relation to everything else.

Coffee Coffee
^^After walking around in -25 degrees celsius(!!!) a warm coffee shop and an even warmer coffee was a welcomed treat. At one point in the afternoon, I walked outside and thought “this isn’t so bad, it’s actually warmer than Calgary” but no, I was wrong.

There was another antique store right beside the coffee shop, so of course we headed right in. I’m assuming it was an old house converted into a shop. With three levels, there was so much to explore. Every turn brought us to a new, unseen area of the shop. There is so much excitement in discovering new things.
Antique Antique
^^There were so many books, it was amazing. One of my biggest dreams for my own house is to have shelves and shelves of books through out. When I was younger I used to read all the time, I would get in trouble for reading too much.

Side note: My dad used to come in a tell me it as time to turn off my light and I would always ask if I could read one more chapter (I could always get away with one more chapter from my dad, my mum was a strict one more page). One night after my dad said I could finish the chapter, he heard my come into their room well after my bedtime to tell him that that book was the best book I’d ever read. It was something by Enid Blyton (Dad? Can you remember what book it was?). I still love her books so much.

Even now, when I really get into a book I will drop everything I’m doing to finish the book. Most times I stay up well into the early hours of the morning finishing the book. It makes me sad how technology has taken over my life and how difficult it is for me to give up Pinterest or Instagram and pick up a book.

Antique Antique
^^This room was probably the prettiest room I’ve ever been in. It was just a collection of blues and whites. It had big items and little items, but it all flowed together so nicely. I don’t really know how to accurately describe the room for you. It was so elegant. A little bit like a little girls room, but all grown up. There wasn’t any sense to the room, everything was just laid out to view but it all went together so perfectly. It was, by far, my favourite room in the shop.

^^We came across the most gorgeous mirror I have ever seen. It was big and bold and screamed look at me. It was probably my favourite thing in the entire shop.

Antique Antique
Antique Antique
These pictures cannot do the room justice, but trust me, it was filled with all kinds of treasures that would make every girl’s dream.

^^Silver silver hair brush and hand mirror, oh how gorgeous.

Antique Antique

It’s cool the things you find staying around your hometown and exploring the “not as popular” places. There is still the same beauty to be found in a little antique town, that there is in a town nestled into the heart of the Rocky Mountains.


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