An Afternoon in Nanton

Exploring, that’s another resolution to add to my list. I want to see more of the province that I call home. But I also want to visit the provinces on either side. There’s beauty in the mountains, the plains, the valleys and the oceans. I want to see it all and I definitely want to be near that ocean.

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Taking Stock 02

I am excited about this year, there are so many exciting things happening this year. Looking ahead to 2015, one of the biggest things for me is graduation! After four long and stressful, memory filled years of university and sixteen years of education in total, I will finally be finished. I can’t wait to see what God does with my life this year.

New Years Eve
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New year, new resolutions

Happy New Year!! 2015, wow. I’ve never been huge on new years resolutions, whenever I’m asked I usually give the traditional “work out and lose weight” without any real intention to follow through. There is something about 2015 though. I’ve never felt this way going into a new year, but I’m excited and I want to make changes. I get little butterflies thinking about this year.

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