Spa Day

Well, it’s official. Winter is here. On Monday we had our first cold day, and let me tell you, it was cold. My mum and I decided to brave the weather and the roads and drove out to the mountains for a spa day.

Mountain Mountain
 ^^The best part about driving out to the mountains is one second you can see them and the next second they’re surrounding you. It’s such a cool experience.

Banff Springs
^^It’s such a magical building and so medieval.

Banff Springs Banff Springs

Every now and then my mum and I sneak off to Fairmont Banff Springs hotel for a massage, just us girls. It is pretty much the most luxurious experience I’ve ever had. Aside from the actual massage, they have amazing pools. There are three “waterfall treatment whirlpools” matching the temperatures of different hot springs in the mountains. And then there’s a hot tub just outside through some pretty sweet glass french doors. The view is amazing, completely surrounded by the mountains, you are left to revel in all of their majesty.

^^That scarf, I love it. And the shoes, and the leggings.


On our way out of town we stopped for a cup of coffee (for me) and a cup of hot chocolate (for my mum) at this fantastic coffee shop, Evelyn’s. I found out about it last time I was in Banff and have not stopped thinking about it. I’ve become a bit of a coffee addict since I started watching Gilmore Girls, but that’s a whole different story. On my way in I passed two chalkboards, one that said “What would you name a whiskey?” and another that said “What do you love most about the park?”. I seriously love these chalkboards. Even if people put silly responses, it’s still awesome getting a little sneak peak at what someone else thinks about something you love.

Coffee Coffee

Mountain Mountain

I am in awe every time I see the mountains. I can’t believe that is my backyard. The beauty of it all. As much as I dislike the cold, the snow and the ice, I could never say no to those mountains.

^^And we finished off the drive home with the most beautiful colours in the sky.

Have a great day friends!


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