Young Adults

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
– Matthew 18:20

 ^^I’m a longest road kind of girl when it comes to Settlers of Catan. I will work towards that and that only.

I love community. I love it so much. It’s where I feel I can be me. Every couple of weeks the young adults at my church meet for dinner at the house of a fantastic couple.

We eat dinner, hang out, have conversations and play games. The games are the best, but also the worst. I hate to admit, but everyone knows that I’m a very competitive person. I blame my parents.

Sidebar: When I was younger I used to change the rules to whatever game we were playing so that I would be winning. And they let me get away with it. That is until they stopped playing with me.

But anyways. I hate to lose, and that I get into a bad mood when I lose. I want to be happy for others when they win, but losing leaves me with an unshakeable feeling of inadequacy. I am slowly working on letting that go. It’s a work in progress people, it really is.

Lots of words with little pictures. Thanks for reading anyways you amazing people! Have a great day!


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