I’ve spent a good amount of time with these scrubs. They’ve been with me since pretty much the beginning of my student nurse life.


I love the idea of wearing scrubs, it gives me an identity – I am the nurse. And people know that. Bonus! They’re super comfy. But the colour, it’s gross. I cannot wait to be rid of them. I look forward to the day when I take them off and never put them on again!

We had a SIM day today for practicum. It’s about as close as you’ll get to experiencing a situation other than actually being there. We get to work with medical students as well. It’s interesting getting to work with other disciplines and hear their thought process. We are all learning so it’s really great. The hospital has brand new simulation suites and they are awesome! It’s great to be able to put all your critical thinking skills and abilities into practice. I would strongly recommend seizing the opportunity to try out a SIM lab.

^^Take a look at that sunrise! They really lucked out with a view like that. That’s downtown Calgary.


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