Today for our nursing lab, we toured a pre-school/elementary for children with special needs. Wow, what a bunch of cuties – so full of energy and life. And the people that work there are absolutely amazing. The work they do is beyond incredible; my respect for them grows every time I see them do their thing with those kiddos.

Lunch Lunch

After the tour, I went for an early lunch at Cactus Club Cafe with a good friend from nursing – L. We were in the same group first year of nursing and have stuck together ever since. We had a chance to discuss nursing, life and work. It is nice talking to someone who is going through the same stressful school as you. Nursing school is crazy!

Lunch Lunch

The food at Cactus Club is amazing. I got the Szechuan Chicken Lettuce Wraps. They were amazing! A perfect mixture of Asian flavour, spice and crunch. And the spicy yogurt – so yummy. And the caesars aren’t bad either.

Happy day friends!


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