Taking Stock 01

Hello world!
I’ve been inspired by several blogs and convinced by one great friend to finally start my own blog.
So this is me:
Photo on 2014-08-15 at 7.43 PM
 I thought I’d get the blog going by taking stock of my life at the moment. Courtesy of Pip

Making: plans for the future
Cooking: pasta
Drinking: lots of orange juice
Reading: nursing articles and poetry
Wanting: someone to cuddle with
Looking: forward to the future
Playing: card games
Tasting: pumpkin pie
Listening: to Tegan and Sara – Where Does the Good Go
Sewing: absolutely nothing, that stress is not welcome
Wishing: I had my long hair back
Enjoying: napping, all day every day.
Waiting: patiently, or not so patiently
Liking: all this fall stuff we’ve got going on
Wondering: how this blog will turn out
Loving: ice cream, and cats
Hoping: for a good semester
Marveling: at how quickly the seasons can change
Needing: to seize the opportunities put in front of me
Smelling: candles
Wearing: stripes and sweaters, lots of them
Following: some pretty cool blogs
Noticing: shoes, shoes, shoes
Knowing: this semester isn’t that bad
Thinking: about the future
Bookmarking: anything and everything about nursing
Opening: my textbooks for the first time as a student nurse
Giggling: little things
Feeling: content


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